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This is made for all of the wonderful BL Rpers On TM that their groups keep being deleted.
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 Important! Rules:

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PostSubject: Important! Rules:   Wed May 18, 2011 8:33 pm

1. The official language of this forum is in English. RP Titles are an exception but discussions and RPs should more or less be conducted in the English language that everyone can universally understand.

2. Kindly refrain from text talk or chat speak if you are posting in the forum. But you may use it where it is applicable like in chat.

3. Only one account is allowed per person. If you wish to make a new one, please ask a moderator or an administrator to delete your previous one.

4. Respect fellow members as human beings. Please remember that there are people typing behind the screens and not just usernames. There will be no discrimination against gender, race, preference, or age or someone's head will be served on a platter.

5. Should dispute erupt, let's settle this in a peaceful manner like rational beings. If the rife only involves two people, kindly settle it in PMs between the two of you. Do not drag the whole forum into your squabble. It only gets ugly from there on out and nobody comes out the winner.

6. Please keep in mind to keep avatars and signatures tasteful. Refrain from choosing avatars and signatures which are deemed discriminating, contain explicit sexual content and offensive.

7. Not everyone wants to see images that are so obnoxiously big that it ends up stretching the page horizontally or be the size of a wallpaper. Also please be considerate to the people who are using computers with slower internet speed. Please use URLs or spoiler tags to hide them.

8. #7 also applies to signatures that cover a large portion of space or have youtube videos in them. Maximum signature limit should not exceed 450kb and 600x350px. If you will not amend your signature when it is clearly in the violation of the rules, then it will be removed promptly and you will be issued a warning.

9. On that note, hotlinking is also discouraged. Please upload images on any readily available, free host sites (Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.) Anyone caught violating this rule will promptly have that link removed without notice.

10. There is an "edit button" for a reason. And because of that, there is no reason as to why you need to double post. Do use it or it will count for spamming. There is also a "watch thread" function in this forum, so bumping in RP threads is not necessary.

11. Do not quote whole posts, especially when you are the person posting after that person whose statement you quoted. Quoting is meant for emphasizing certain portions for emphasis or clarification as to which part of the other's post you deem quote worthy.

12. Offtopicing, users who tend to be on the chatty side sometimes tend to swerve to chatting about things that have nothing related to the discussion topic, we would like to encourage them to take that to PMs or chatting.

13. We don't encourage advertising. But if you would like to commend another forum or advertise your own, you may do so appropriately in the right forum. That would be General Chat.

14. If you see anyone violating above said rules and nothing has been done about them yet, do report them to any of the active moderators or administrators.

15. Lastly, the admins and mods are approachable people. If you feel as though your thread is misplaced, if you wish to lock your thread to prevent any more replies, or if you have a complaint or suggestion that you would like to raise with regards to the forum. We are here to listen and we want to make your RPing experience here in Boy's Love a better one.


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PostSubject: Re: Important! Rules:   Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:15 am

I wonder if the Rpers even look at this? Oh well at least I'm reading them...Plus I'm always on so msg me too if there's a problem..!!!

I am officially back now. Sorry for those of you that I have been role playing with. I sincerely apologize for being gone without noticed. If you liked to, we can either continue or start anew. I'm really up for anything at the moment...So message me and I'll get back to you...Thanks!
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Important! Rules:
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